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Odour Complaints and Observations |
How to simplify the management of odour complaints and reporting?

The management of odour complaints, observations and reporting represent a challenge to site managers. Many industrial site operators are using their complaint logs to assess their performance regarding their odour emissions. Unfortunately, odour complaints do not provide a way to quantifying odours emissions. Often, odour complaints are imprecise, unreliable and provide inconsistent information. Odour complaints alone do not offer quantitative data to take actions to reduce odour nuisance and understand the dynamic of the site emissions.

By using a real-time monitoring platform to receive, respond and analyse odour complaints, it is possible to get valuable information from those complaints. By using a standardize form composed of the right questions, odour complaints can become a source of information. When combined with observations made by employees using the same questions but at a regular interval, such a platform provides the basis required to reduce odour emissions. By adding a weather station providing in real time the weather conditions, the site operators can even understand the dynamic of their emissions and how weather should be a key element of their operation.


The Observations and Complaints Management Module of the Continuous Monitoring Platform OdoWatch is a tool allowing you to respond to this challenge. Observations made by operators or odour complaints made by the community can be received automatically, analyzed in full, and answered directly from the OdoWatch Platform.

This centralization makes it possible to simplify the reporting of odours by the local residents and to reduce the processing time by the site manager.

By having a single, standardized entry point to report odour complaints, accessible on any medium and available 24/7, The Observations and Complaints Management Module facilitates communications between the site operator, the community and the local residents.

Once an odour complaint is issued by an observer, The Real-Time Monitoring Platform OdoWatch process it, displays it on its interface and archives the data for future reference. Alerted, the operator can review the various information available to him (meteorological data, odour flows, operations on the site, etc.), allowing him to carry out an in-depth analysis and take action. With one click, a report can be generated with all data essential to the interpretation and understanding of the complaint.




Citizen committee: cooperation between site managers and the community to manage odour complaints.



• Automatically centralizes observations and odour complaints using a simple user interface available 24/7;

• Channel and standardize the information provided by the community and operators;

• Simplifies the recording of observations from the field using a simple mobile interface;

• Advanced reporting and analysis tools;

• Local weather data is integrated in real time for a more in-depth and accurate analysis;

• Using the atmospheric dispersion module of the OdoWatch Platform, easily compare observations and plumes.



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January 20, 2017
Odor complaints and Observations Management Solution

Odour Complaints and Observations | How to simplify the management of odour complaints and reporting?

Observations made during surveillance tour by site operators can also be integrated into the OdoWatch Platform in order to provide a complete and optimized solution. Adopt a proactive and dynamic approach while ensuring a constructive problem resolution approach with other odour emitters located near your site.