Updated White Paper — Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Projects and Odors

Updated White Paper — Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Projects and Odors


Find out about the white paper Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Projects and Odors

Biogas projects are easy targets for the “not-in-my-backyard” syndrome from misinformed residents.

In recent years, more and more anaerobic digestion projects are launched because of the numerous environmental benefits they can provide. In fact, the potential of anaerobic digestion in managing waste and producing fuels for municipalities and industrial facilities is very high. The industry is learning the inherent benefits provided by anaerobic digestion to the environment while generating various revenue streams.

However, many people within communities are very doubtful regarding biogas projects. Anaerobic digestion is misunderstood and the impact on the neighborhood is often amplified over time because of a lack of communications between the promoter and the community. Many projects in Europe and North America had to be cancelled even before construction began because of this reality. Very often, the fear of “potential odor nuisances” was a key factor in pushing people to fight against projects and politicians were influenced to remove their support for their implementation.

The white paper "Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Projects and Odors" provides information on their odor impact on the community and what can be done so these projects are a success for all stakeholders.

Take a look at the white paper "Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Projects and Odors"

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