OdoWatch to tackle odours at United Utilities’s Davyhulme

OdoWatch to tackle odours at United Utilities’s Davyhulme

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OdoWatch used for odour monitoring at United Utilities's Davyhulme site

A team of graduate engineers at United Utilities has installed an innovative system to tackle odours at Davyhulme wastewater treatment works.

The OdoWatch Platform will help engineers at the site to reduce the chance of smells escaping from the treatment process. It is the first time the OdoWatch platform has been installed in the North West region and it will help the water company be a better neighbour to residents living in the Urmston and Davyhulme areas in the United Kingdom.

The Odowatch platform works by constantly “sniffing” the different parts of the treatment process and giving an early warning if odours start to develop. Engineers can then take early action, reducing the chance of smells becoming noticeable off site.

The platform also uses live weather data to build up a picture of how factors like temperature and wind speed could affect the odours.

For more information, please visit the WWT web site : Water & Wastewater Treatment

Odotech is an environmental technology company specializing in the monitoring and management of odours, gaseous contaminants and dust. The company offers a full range of services and technological solutions (OdoWatch) for a proactive management of environmental issues encountered by industrial and municipal services. Innovation is at the heart of Odotech's everyday reality and it is multiplying efforts to maintain its technological leadership.
Guy Laliberte
Guy Laliberte
Guy Laliberté has more than 20 years of experience in high technology and is well recognized for his vision in product innovation. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Odotech, he is involved in all aspects of the company including research and development. His involvement in odour science and air quality at the international level has given him an in-depth understanding of those two fields.

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