Odour Management for Organic Waste Facilities

The National Compost Conference September 15-18, 2015 Gatineau, Québec  www.compost.org

It’s all about Organics Recycling ! See composting and anaerobic digestion in action and many topics on odour management for Organic Waste Facilities

25 Years of Advocacy, Information Sharing, Networking and Inspiration form the basis of the upcoming National Compost Conference, to be held in Gatineau-Ottawa (Canada’s Capital Region) on September 15-16-17-18, 2015. From an original gathering of diverse interests, a common cause was established – to create a national forum and Council to advance the infrastructure of organics recycling across all levels of Canadian society.   Now the #1 material that is recycled in Canada, organic residuals offer the solution for waste diversion goals, climate change mitigation, local economic improvements and enhanced soil health. The industry have come a long way with many more opportunities to be realized.

Special focus on odours and their management

September 15: Odour Management for Organic Waste Facilities

Going beyond the theoretical, this one-day workshop will delve into odour management for each phase of organic residual processors from planning to operation (composting, anaerobic digestion, landfill and transfer stations). Presented by Thierry Pagé, specialist with over 20 years of practice in the assessment, measurement and prevention of odours, the session will cover:

1. Introduction to odours and their chemistry
2. Concepts of odour measurement, sampling and dispersion
3. Odour master planning and impact assessment for future and existing facilities
3. Complaint management and community involvement
4. Odour sources and emission factors from each operation area
5. Operational consideration for each phase
6. Odour control approaches and technologies
7. Setting performance criteria and self-monitoring
8. Legal issues and regulations
9. Case studies, discussion of hot topics and Questions and Answers

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Thierry Page
Thierry Page
Thierry Pagé, Founder & Senior Odor Expert, Odotech. Industry Leader in Odor Monitoring & Odor Management. Invented OdoWatch and revolutionized odor monitoring state of the art. He is passionate to serve the industry from WasteWater, Residuals & Waste, Mining, Agri-Food, Manufacturing and Petrochemistry. Participated in projects in more than 20 countries.

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