Odor Monitoring Equipment Supplier‎

Odor Monitoring Equipment Supplier‎


The OdoWatch Platform is a turnkey solution to provide all necessary equipment for real time odor monitoring. It includes the required odor and gas sensors and a weather station. It records and stores all monitoring data so you can review exactly what happened in the past. Odotech is the leading Odor Monitoring Equipment Supplier‎.

Composting odor monitoring

The e-noses are positioned near the odor sources of the site and measure the odor continuously. The odor data from the e-noses and the weather data from the weather tower are sent to the OdoWatch software, which models the atmospheric dispersion and displays the site’s odor plume calculated by AERMOD or CALPUFF. OdoWatch is calibrated to recognize and quantify (in odor units) the odors of each site.

Odotech’s electronic nose has the capability to continuously monitor and record odor levels. It is composed of a matrix of 16 MOS sensors. OdoWatch also has the capability to continuously monitor and record H2S gas concentrations and integrate Multigas Detectors for real-time monitoring of up to four (4) different gases (H2S, NH3, SO2, VOC, etc.) concentrations.

The OdoWatch Platform is installed all over the word from desert to northern areas (-20°C to +50°C). All units have weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosures.

In order to correctly monitor atmospheric dispersion, the OdoWatch platform is equipped with a Weather Station installed onsite for continuous weather condition monitoring and recording. Measured weather conditions are wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, rain, temperature, humidity and solar radiation. The Weather Station must be installed in an area free of weather turbulences caused by adjacent structures.

All devices installed on site transmit their data using eaither GPRS radios or radio wireless communications. Data is transmitted on a continuous and uninterrupted basis. Radio signals are 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (2.4 @ 2.4835GHz) in a master-slave configuration. No radio operating license is normally required .

OdoWatch can be accessed on the internet using a web browser. All odor, contaminant and weather data can be displayed in the OdoWatch interface. The OdoWatch Platform provides email notifications and Alerts points signaling when pre-set olfactory thresholds are exceeded.


Installation of the equipment of the OdoWatch platform is done by Odotech technicians. Training for operators and maintenance personnel is provided with corresponding documentation (O&M Manuals). Odotech provide all necessary training for maintenance people and operators.

All equipment installed onsite require either 120 Vac/ 60 Hz or 240 Vac/50Hz. Depending on the type of emission sources, it may be require to install heated lines and gas preparation units to prevent from humidity condensation.For the eNose, SulfNose and Multigas Detectors installation, it can be either on an existing structure or a custom pole.

Thierry Page
Thierry Page
Thierry Pagé, Founder & Senior Odor Expert, Odotech. Industry Leader in Odor Monitoring & Odor Management. Invented OdoWatch and revolutionized odor monitoring state of the art. He is passionate to serve the industry from WasteWater, Residuals & Waste, Mining, Agri-Food, Manufacturing and Petrochemistry. Participated in projects in more than 20 countries.