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How Much Odor Control Is Enough?

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A WWTP has installed over $1 million dollars worth of odor control systems due to odor complaints from the surrounding community.  One property owner continues to complain.  In order to increase the  understanding of odor impacts to the surrounding community, an odor monitoring system was installed.  The goal of the data collection has been to determine if the WWTP is the source of all the odor complaints, or if other potential sources in the area are also contributing to the odor problems.

  • Definition of the Problem:  Property owner still complaining about odors – are his complaints legitimate, or coming from other nearby potential sources of odor?
  • OdoWatch System: – Measures odor emissions from sources at the plant – the electronic noses are calibrated to the odor source at the plant – on-site meteorology is used in an air dispersion model to project plumes every 4 minutes.
  • Observations and learnings after data collected for 14 months