Industrial Livestock

Producing for and with citizens

In many modern societies, industrial livestock operations are widely used to produce chicken, pork, duck and veal. Excrement from these operations ties up a large part of this industry’s resources. In many cases, this waste creates problems with the communities where these industries operate.

Intensive livestock operations sometimes create odour nuisances which operators must control for regulatory reasons as well as to ensure social acceptance. For example, liquid manure often generates acrid odours during production, storage and spreading, to which the operator’s neighbors object. Many gaseous contaminants are an issue in this industry:

  • Sulfur compounds (H2S, mercaptan, organic sulfur, etc.)
  • Nitrogen compounds (ammonia, indole, skatole, etc.)
  • Carbon compounds (alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, etc.)
  • Aromatic compounds (phenols, cresol, paracresol, etc.).

Odotech can implement an approach that specifically targets these gaseous contaminants or more globally the emitted odours.

Here are a few examples of industries in which Odotech provides its expertise and solutions.

  • Rendering
  • Fish processing
  • Hog raising
  • Poultry raising (chicken, turkey, etc.)


Odotech’s experts can support operators’ efforts through an audit of the site situation, an impact study of the surrounding area or recommendations on potential abatement. The stated objective will determine which techniques to use.

Real-time Monitoring

The OdoWatch platform is an effective and proactive way of having a comprehensive environmental management on a single platform. The impact of meteorological conditions on an operation’s emission levels provides an understanding of each site’s dynamics. Operations can then be modulated in real time based on the weather and olfactory emissions.