Feeding the community without causing annoyances

The agro-food industry has deep roots with all aspects of society. Without it, our daily lives would be very different. However, production cycles and industry imponderables occasionally generate odour nuisances.

By its nature, the food industry must be accepted by regulatory authorities and the community. Citizens living near these production sites are also customers, so the industry must make every effort to gain social acceptance.

Here are a few examples of industries in which Odotech provides its expertise and solutions.

  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Livestock feed
  • Milk processing
  • Industrial chocolate production
  • Food processing


Odotech’s experts help the industry adopt abatement solutions and can conduct periodic monitoring for regulatory needs. If a situation arises, the entire Odotech team can be called in to find solutions.

Real-time Monitoring

The OdoWatch platform supports daily management of odour incidents, a proactive response and community participation in problem solving. Monitoring of gaseous contaminants and olfactory nuisances, observations made near the site and handling citizen complaints through a single platform maximize data integration to achieve the best solutions.