Our approach to solve
odour problems:

Impact Study
Plans and Solutions

Plans and Solutions

Odour problems resolution

For either odours or gaseous contaminants, Odotech’s experts can develop a plan and solutions.

Regardless of the frequency and seriousness of odour complaints from the community involving a specific site, Odotech can offer objective, independent expertise to permanently resolve this type of conflict through a four-stage approach:

  1. diagnosis of the situation;
  2. evidence-based impact study of the community;
  3. definition of the required abatement criteria;
  4. proposal of solutions and a list of providers to be considered for implementation.

Using an olfactory diagnosis and modeling of atmospheric dispersion in the vicinity of a site complying with local regulations, Odotech’s experts can draw up an Olfactory Nuisance Management Plan (ONMP). This matrix incorporates all emission parameters for the sources analyzed, from stacks to surface or other sources. It also helps define, optimize and set all the characteristics of the identified odour sources:

  • exhaust design correction (orientation, caps, etc.);
  • adjustment of vertical exhaust speeds where insufficient;
  • optimization of emission source heights;
  • definition of required abatement effectiveness (mitigation measures for high odour concentrations);
  • incorporation of temporal emission variabilities.

Once the specifications have been drawn up, Odotech can provide a list of specialized firms capable of implementing the necessary processes and changes to guarantee the required abatement levels.

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