Olfactometry / Odour Sampling


Olfactometry / Odour Sampling

Following Standards EN13725, ASTM E679-04, NCh3190 and CUM-94

For nearly 20 years, Odotech is offering olfactometry services to evaluate one or more odour sources. Each of Odotech's subsidiary in Canada and Chile has its own olfactometer and technicians trained to sample odours at industrial site such as wastewater treatment plants, composting sites, food processing factories, hog farms and many others.

Services offered by Odotech are:

  • the planning one or more sampling campaigns on site;
  • the logistics to ship and track the odour samples as recommended by the standards;
  • the training and certification of panelists;
  • the preparation of samples for olfactometric analysis;
  • the olfactometric analysis in laboratory;
  • the olfactometry report for each odour sample.

Odotech is available to take odour samples and perform olfactometry analysis on a punctual basis or to establish a plan of action over a longer period or annual period.

An odour sampling plan required for regulatory purposes often requires the execution of recurrent sampling campaigns over a certain period of time. Odotech's Project Management Team is there to support you in planning and executing these efforts so these regulatory requirements are not a burden for you.