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Impact Study
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Impact Study

Estimating and examining the impact

Once the diagnosis is made, Odotech’s experts can conduct an impact study on the environment near the site. Using atmospheric dispersion models for atmospheric contaminants, Odotech can predict the impact and nuisance caused by the sources. Whether your problem is odours, gaseous contaminants or dust, Odotech is here to support you.

The impact is quantified using internationally recognized atmospheric dispersion models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF. The choice of model depends on various factors, assessed by Odotech’s experts to be representative of the site conditions. The type of sources studied, the site topography, the desired detail of the results, the type of atmospheric contaminants as well as regulatory compliance are examples of parameters to be considered when selecting a model.

Odotech submits a detailed impact study report that includes its experts’ recommendations to ensure attainment of the stated objectives:

  • verification of facility compliance with existing regulations;
  • pre-construction assessment of a new unit design (application for certificate of authorization);
  • identification of problem sources;
  • estimation of abatement level required to eliminate an odour problem;
  • advocacy of the factors needed to identify and select potential reduction approaches.

Odotech odour impact studies are designed and prepared using a scientific method similar to that of air quality impact studies. Using techniques specific to odours, an odour impact study provides the necessary information for assessing and studying the odour-emission impact of a project.

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