Field Panel

As per the NFX 43-103 and EN 13725 standards

The goal of an olfactory assessment by a field panel is to map odours in the environment near the studied site. Maps show the types of odours detected and the associated intensities. There are two types of diagnoses.

First, an initial olfactory assessment may be needed before site construction to detect odours already present in the environment. Once construction is complete, a final olfactory assessment is recommended for comparison and to draw up a site impact assessment.

An olfactory assessment may also be produced for an existing site to seek the presence of odours linked to the site in the surrounding environment (maximum radius of 1,000 m). A site visit is first conducted with the panel to recognize the odours of various works at the site.

The measurement points are determined jointly with the client. Their choice is based on weather conditions on the day of the exercise and the location of the first observers, neighboring plants and natural obstacles around the site. A panel consists of at least seven (7) preselected, trained members. The method used complies with the NFX 43-103 and EN 13725 standards.