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A recognized and adapted methodology

Based on the elements detected in the audit, Odotech’s experts can perform a diagnosis of atmospheric contaminants from the samples collected on site.

For odours, emissions are identified from samples taken directly at the source. Sampling of odours must use a recognized method adapted to the type of source involved. The experts then must determine the odour concentration through an olfactometric analysis. Various types of sampling may be performed.

  • For point or channelled sources, samples are taken using a sampling lung and tapping on ductwork with piping made of inert material.
  • For passive surface sources, such as composting windrows or settling ponds, odour samples are collected using the OdoFlux dynamic flow chamber or a wind tunnel. The choice of method depends on several criteria, including the existing regulations. Odours emitted at the interface between media (ground/air or water/air) can then be quantified.
  • For active surface sources, such as open biofilters, odour samples are collected with a hood to concentrate flows. This method uses a sampling lung containing a sampling bag and a tapping connection on the hood, consisting of piping made of inert material.

For gaseous contaminants or dust, Odotech collects samples and performs the required analyses consistent with the stated objectives of the sampling campaign. Several methods are available, depending on the compounds sought, and Odotech uses the one best suited to the objectives, the recommendations in effect where samples are collected, and the type of source encountered. Based on the required methods, Odotech can call on its specialized, accredited partners to ensure the quality of the measurements taken.

Whether the focus is odours or gaseous contaminants, Odotech interprets and analyses the results in light of the stated objectives (verification of regulatory compliance, emission problem, verification of control system effectiveness, etc.). A detailed diagnostic report is submitted to the client.

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