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A portrait of the situation

Odotech is founded on the expertise developed within the company over more than 17 years. Odotech’s team of experts can support our clients in gaining a good understanding of conditions on each site. Regardless of the atmospheric contaminant, Odotech has a proactive intervention approach that adapts to each situation.

The first step of an intervention is usually a preliminary audit conducted by an Odotech expert. The purpose of this audit is to validate the parameters linked to site-specific regulations, complaints or problems that must be resolved, such as:

  • fugitive or channeled emissions;
  • emission parameters such as stack height, emission speed, source diameter and flow rate;
  • mapping of complaints;
  • quantity and frequency of complaints;
  • and many others.

The audit is used by Odotech’s experts to make recommendations and obtain everything they need to make a full diagnosis.

Odotech’s experts are also able to place continuous monitoring of atmospheric contaminants into the context of sound management of the company’s environmental challenges. This expertise unique to Odotech is in the vanguard of current practices around the world.

In all cases, Odotech submits a detailed audit report containing recommendations to ensure attainment of objectives.

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