March 12, 2014
OdoWatch Measurement Wastewater Treatment Plant

Measure Odor & H2S in Sewer Collection Systems in Real Time

Odor and H2S emissions are major concerns for collection systems. What if operators could diagnose odor problems in minutes instead of hours or days? How much could they save in chemicals, time, implementing new process and infrastructure corrosion?
February 16, 2014

Odor Monitoring Equipment Supplier‎

The OdoWatch Platform is a turnkey solution to provide all necessary equipment for real time odor monitoring. It includes the required odor and gas sensors and a weather station. It records and stores all monitoring data so you can review exactly what happened in the past.
November 18, 2013

Easily Record and Monitor Odor Complaints in Realtime

Odotech launched OdoView which is a tool that simplifies the collection and management of odor complaints in real time. It also converts odor complaint reporting into factual and quantifiable data and information. OdoView is a real time odor complaint management platform.
October 19, 2013

How to Model Odor Dispersion

Dispersion modeling defines the relationship between the emission source and the receptor. While control measures may be applied to the emission source, compliance with odor nuisance standards depend on whether the odor concentrations at the receptor have been adequately reduced with respect to their frequency, intensity, duration and location.
September 24, 2013

Real-time Odor Modeling using CALPUFF

AERMOD vs. CALPUFF – Which One to Choose? The long standing debate between AERMOD and CALPUFF is over: Odowatch now offers CALPUFF or AERMOD odor and […]