Project profiles


In 2013, the Municipality of St-Eustache decided to modernize its Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) by adding, among other things, an odour abatement system.

Because of the proximity to a residential area, the Municipality of St-Eustache decided to install an Odotech OdoWatch plateform to better monitor its odour abatement processes and to better understand the odorous plume behavior around the perimeter of the facility.

This was an excellent decision by the Municipality as the plateform is reliable thanks to a yearly calibration process and a thorough maintenance program.

For further information about the Municipality of St-Eustache visit its website


The WWTP is located next to the Mille Iles River. This station has been in operation since the beginning of the 90’s and can handle the waste water from up to 50 000 people. Most of the processes are under roof (covered plant). The main source of odours is the stack and odours are reduced with the use of activated carbon filters.


Capitalizing on the upgrade to the odour abatement process, Odotech proposed to monitor the odour prior and after the gas stream passes through the carbon filters. The idea is to help the operators evaluate when the filters need to be changed. There was no other ways to decide when these filter changes are necessary.


Odotech has deployed an OdoWatch plateform with eNoses that measure odours at the input and output of the carbon filters.


Thanks to deployment of OdoWatch, the Municipality was not only able to get data on their odourous impacts outside the facility (thanks to dispersion modelling integrated into OdoWatch) but also to assess in real-time the efficiency of the activated carbon filters to abate odours coming from the operations. This allows the operators to decide when to change filters and keep an efficient abatement process at all time.

Management & Support

The deployment of the solution was realized by the Montreal team of Odotech.