Project Profiles


Hog breeding and odours have been closely linked for a long time. Odotech works with several pork producers around the world and particularly in Canada, the US and Chile. Most of these producers raise hundreds of thousands of pigs and managing odours is part of their daily activities. As a company, their mission is to provide quality products to their customers and consumers. They must demonstrate to communities located near their production centers that they are good corporate citizen and that odour management is part of that commitment.


Hog breeding and odours have always been a difficult subject. Several producers frequently receive community complaints and decided to take actions to improve the situation. They looked for innovative solutions enabling proactive decision making in order to reduce the number of odour-producing events around their sites. At the same time, new odour regulations everywhere on the planet are introduced by authorities. In this context, producers are looking for solutions to simplify and even automate the report generation required by regulators.


When a pork producer contacts Odotech order to address an odour problem, Odotech's experts will address the subject globally and with an open mind. Odotech usually begins its approach with a complete odours audit of the client's site. Based on the results, Odotech's experts are able to design a solution for continuous real-time monitoring of odour using the OdoWatch Platform. The solution is deployed in order to meet the specific needs of each producer. It is a complete and optimized solution for the targeted objectives.