Pulp and Paper

Acting on daily operations for lasting impact

The manufacturing processes used in the pulp and paper industry can generate odours which require attention. Pulp reduction in particular generates a series of sulfur compounds characteristic of pulp and paper mills. Due to the very low olfactory perception threshold for these pollutants, the community may often detect their unpleasant odour even where the site is in legislative compliance. It therefore is essential to consider odours in their entirety, not just their chemical characteristics, to achieve social acceptance.


Through a combined approach of professional services and communication with the community, Odotech’s experts know how to bring citizens and companies closer. With samples collected directly from the main onsite sources, an impact study can help define solutions for compliance with local regulations.

Real-time Monitoring

The OdoWatch platform accomplishes this by factoring in all present compounds, not just sulfur. Odotech can support your initiatives involving emissions from pulp reduction, biosolids, putrescible organic matter or kraft process sludge. Citizen complaints and observations can be integrated with other data gathered directly in the OdoWatch platform.